How to travel between epcot and hollywood studios ?

As the owner of Beach Town Motel, guests often ask me How to travel between epcot and hollywood studios ?. Having visited the parks myself, I’m happy to share the best transportation options to make moving between these two amazing theme parks a breeze!

The Most Magical Way: The Disney Skyliner

How to Get from Epcot to Hollywood Studios - Disney Trippers

Hands down, my favorite way to travel between Epcot and Hollywood Studios is by the Disney Skyliner Transportation Glide! This incredible gondola system conveniently connects the two parks to several Disney resort hotels. As I glided high above the ground, taking in gorgeous views, I felt like I was floating through a dream. Talk about magical! The Skyliner provides quick, direct, air-conditioned access between the parks without having to fold up a stroller or transfer buses. It’s ideal for families with little ones or anyone who wants a special experience.

Sailing the Happy Seas: Friendship Boats

For a more leisurely route, I’d highly recommend the FriendShip boats that sail the picturesque waterways between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. On my last Walt Disney World vacation, my wife and I took this boat route multiple times just to relax and take in the charming sights along the way. We even spotted baby alligators sunbathing! While the boats take a bit longer than the Skyliner, they add to the ambiance and old-world charm of Disney.

Walking Between the Parks

If you really want to stretch your legs, it is possible to walk between Epcot and Hollywood Studios as well! The route is about a mile long and takes around 15 to 20 minutes. As long as you have comfortable shoes and don’t mind a little exercise, walking allows you to set your own pace while getting up close views of the resorts in between. Just be sure to give yourself enough time, especially if you’ll be wrangling tired kids by foot at the end of the night!

No matter which transportation option you choose, getting between Epcot and Hollywood Studios is all part of the fun at Walt Disney World! As the owner of Beach Town Motel, I’m happy to help guests plan their days at the Most Magical Place on Earth. Safe travels and have an awesome vacation!

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